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Welcome to LV WHSKY: a blog dedicated to spreading the word of whisky/whiskey in the Lehigh Valley. It’s a work in progress born of a love of whsky that will include news, reviews, recommendations, and features, and ultimately be an outlet for others to share their views and experiences. The hope is that this blog will appeal to a number of different people, so whether you’re only just beginning your whsky journey or you’re a seasoned obsessor there should be something here to keep you informed and entertained.

A little look around this site will indicate that I just copied and pasted that introduction from the ‘About‘ page, and while I’m at it here’s a little bit of information about me: I’m a former store manager. I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien. I’m in Englishman in PA. And I can be horrendously cheesy at times. I’ve recently moved to the Lehigh Valley from rainy Yorkshire in the north of England and I am in desperate need of an outlet to vent my knowledge and appreciation of all things whsky. For me, whsky is all about sharing, and some of the best and most memorable experiences in my life have involved a glass (half-full, mind) of liquid gold and the company of good friends. This blog is my way of reaching out to other whsky fans in the area in an attempt to create some kind of a whsky community.

It's easy to have fun when whsky's involved

It’s easy to have fun when whsky’s involved

Despite having an inclination towards writing (as opposed to speaking, y’know?) I’ve shied away from actually creating a blog for a long time. Part of the reason for that is that I haven’t felt that I was in a place or situation where I could contribute something relevant to the quagmire of whsky blogs out there (check the ‘bleurghs‘ link in the menu for some of my favs). The other part of the reason is that in my former life as a manager of a whsky emporium, I felt connected enough to the over-all whsky community that writing a blog didn’t feel necessary. It’s been pretty hard leaving that life behind, and I miss having friends around me with who I could share a dram or seven with and talk about goings-on in the whsky world. Indeed, it’s dawned on me that in a new and foreign environment I’m no longer a part of that community; now I am merely an unemployed guy in his (very) late-20s who loves whsky.

Thankfully it’s also dawned on me that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I love a lot of things: craft beer, Game of Thrones, indie music, Haruki Murakami, burritos, Harry Potter, and plenty more besides. But I’m not knowledgeable enough or quite so nerdily-inclined as to start a blog about any of those things. If I were to present a talk on any one of those subjects to a room full of people I would no doubt struggle. But with whsky, I have gained enough knowledge to be able to speak confidently, passionately and, hopefully, sensibly, about it. So I’m finally taking the big step and doing it (the blog, that is).


You know nothing, random internet person.

The more I think about it, the more comfortable I am with just being a guy who loves whsky, rather than a guy who sells whsky, for instance, because I feel like it might help in dealing with “the problem”; that is, the problem with whsky. The problem with whsky is the same as the problem with most other things in life, be it wine, beer, Radiohead, or Game of Thrones: the invasion of snobbery; the geekier-than-thou attitudes; the idea that in order to appreciate something you have to feel a certain way, or think a particular thought. This is not what being a fan of whsky should be like, so this blog is for people like me: people who lv – sorry, love – whsky. I tend to find that when people discover that I’m a ‘whsky guy’ they become apologetic about the fact that they aren’t particularly knowledgeable and I always find myself wanting to reassure them that it doesn’t matter; that too much emphasis is put on the specifics and not enough on the pure state of simply enjoying something. So I guess that’s the message that I’m trying to convey: that it doesn’t matter how much you know, or what the level of your experience is, just be comfortable with the fact that you enjoy it.  I can’t guarantee that things won’t  get a little bit geeky at times (it’s a consequence of my own passion-to-the-point-of-obsesssion, I’m afraid), but I will endeavour not to fill these pages with epic and meaningless tasting notes and I absolutely promise never to score whiskies. Whether it’s a score out of 10 or 100 it’s pretty redundant in my view and when I review a whsky you’ll get my opinion in words, not numbers. As long as we can all appreciate that an opinion is just an opinion then I think we’ll get along just fine.

So, what you can expect from this blog are bar reviews looking at the best places to drink whsky in the LV; my thoughts on certain types and styles of whsky with links to places you can feasibly buy them from; whsky recipes and cocktail ideas; info on whsky-related events (including, hopefully, some kick ass whsky tastings before the year is out); select pieces of news from the world of whsky; and maybe the odd bit of beer- or music-related balderdash. Oh, and I’ll try to keep my Britishisms in check… Tally-ho!


Tally-ho, indeed.

PS: Don’t worry about the missing vowels, it’s largely just a fad…  Apart from the whole “whsky” thing. That’s a keeper.


 DRNK: Tuthiltown / Hudson Four Grain Bourbon
LSTN: The National / Trouble Will Find Me

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